Real-world softwares
Truthy, online Twitter meme tracker made by the Indiana University Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research
LinkedIn InMaps
Bio4j uses the Gephi Toolkit for the visualization part of gene ontology

Social networks
Twitter hashtag map seen on the Bloomberg TV show “Money Moves”
Visualization of votes in the Norwegian Parliament
Visualized: A School Day as Data (video)
Github explorer
Giorgio Agamben: Magic and Happiness
Moscow Venues Graph Analysis
Berlin Venues Graph Analysis
Network analysis of associative user-generated relations – re:publica 2010 workshop
Social Network Analysis using R and Gephi
Data preparation for Social Network Analysis using R and Gephi
Effectiveness of social media in education – following the conversations
The social network of economists
White House Visitation Social Network
Plotting Comment Networks in Gephi, Part II – Merging Datasets Using Google Fusion Tables
Football! – FIFA 2010 World Cup as Networks
DJ Patil explaining LinkedIn social graph visualizations
Driving through time, Formula 1 drivers’ social networks
Social network of the Finnish cabinets visualized
The “dynamique d’enfer” of cultural networks, innovation, and inclusive exclusivity as a strategy for survival.
hackMTL: Inbox Social Network Visualization
Deutsche Lobbyverbände nach Stichworten

Twitter networks
First Glimpses of the OUConf10 Hashtag Community
Interactive viz of twitter hashtag community using gephi/gexfwalker
Visualizing ALTC2010 Twitter Backchannel
Small World? A Snapshot of How My Twitter “Friends” Follow Each Other…
Using Gephi to visually identify the OU LIbrarians in my Twitter Friends network
Twitter @reply Networks on #ausvotes
Conan O’Brien communities visualized -teamcoco’s everywhere!
Hadoop World 2010 Tweet Analysis … twork.html
Paris, la Gaîté Lyrique, 3-4 mai 2001 Trois visualisations des tweets des Rencontres Culture Numérique
Twitterpolitik Netzwerke und Themen der politischen Twittersphäre in Österreich

Facebook networks
What can we learn about Somalis from their Facebook networks?
Getting Started With Gephi Network Visualisation App – My Facebook Network, Part I
Getting Started With Gephi Network Visualisation App – My Facebook Network, Part II: Basic Filters
Getting Started With Gephi Network Visualisation App – My Facebook Network, Part III: Ego Filters and Simple Network Stats
Getting Started With Gephi Network Visualisation App – My Facebook Network, Part IV: Finding and visualising clusters
Getting Started With Gephi Network Visualisation App – My Facebook Network, Part V – visualizing partitions the proper way
Analyzing networks with Gephi: McKinsey Facebook group case
Gephi y gafo de contactos de Facebook
Using Netvizz & Gephi to Analyze a Facebook Network
Identity & Pattern Recognition (Fashion Design), see also the video
Mitch 2.0: Network Science, Facebook and Economics

Email networks
Syria: Asma and Bashar al-Assad’s email network

Web networks
Understanding Industry Verticals Through Backlink Visualisation and Analysis
Webcómics en español online community mapping
First Steps in Mapping the Australian Blogosphere
Mapping the Australian Blogosphere some more
Machine learning blogs

AI³ leaves Cytoscape to Gephi

Financial networks
Interlocking directorate (corporate networks) by OpesC

Biological networks
Functional Networks in Yeast
Using Apache Hadoop to Find Signal in the Noise: Analyzing Adverse Drug Events

Semantic networks
Visualizing Texts as Networks
The Guardian and UK Elections
Gephi – Una herramienta para visualizacion de grafos
Live event represented as a graph of relationships
Twitter Concept Mapping with Wordstat and Gephi: First Steps
Visualising topic-based conversation networks: the #masterchef edition
The Future of Journalism: A Network Visualization
Text network analysis with Gephi step by step
A full-text visualization of the WikiLeaks Iraq War Logs made with Gephi

Infrastructure networks
Airlines Routes Network Analysis according to Gephi
Visualizing Infrastructure as Code
Ubuntu Packages

Bibliometric / scientometric networks
Visualizing the RecSysTEL workshop
Science overlay maps with Gephi on
Co-authorship Network of SSRN Conflict Studies eJournal, by Drew Conway
Citography: the visualization of nineteen thousand journals through their recent citations
The authorship network of genome-wide association studies

Other networks
Visualising Related Entries in Wikipedia Using Gephi
Mapping How Programming Languages Influenced Each Other According to Wikipedia
Graphing the history of philosophy from Wikipedia
Visualising Vodafone Mclaren F1 Telemetry Data in Gephi
Eurovision 2010 voting network
movie relationships analyzed on
The Real Network of Countries
Graph Structure of an Open Science Notebook – “Linked Science”
Visualizing Databases
Visualising Networks in Gephi via a Scraperwiki Exported GEXF File

Orphan disease network

We used Gephi quite extensively while analyzing rare/orphan disease networks. Here’s the link for the published work: … 9711001996

Explore source code of software projects

The code and .gdf files are available at:

Oslo after tragedy

If someone is interested in a 24h dataset of the tweets containing the word “oslo” after the tragedy, you can get it from my blog: … a-dataset/

There are 287 files. Format is GraphML and the file name contains the time of the crawl (+2 GMT). If you know a convenient way of importing these in to single gexf-file with timestamps, let me know.

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